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We bring our value to the world

Vice President: Luigi Marostica

Establishing the Italian goldsmith sector among the pillars of Made in Italy on a par with Fashion, Automotive, Food & Wine and accrediting the Italian goldsmith industry as an international point of reference are our goals. To make all this a reality we operate on two fronts: that of Made In Italy distribution and of its communication.


Alongside ITA – Italian Trade Agency is the Governmental agency that supports the business development of our companies abroad and promotes the attraction of foreign investment in Italy we work in the G.D.O. (Large-scale retail trade), identifying partners in other countries through which Italian Jewelry penetrates into ever new markets and which represent for Italy a level stage and an answer to the ever-evolving needs of the buyer while contributing to the development and launch of new manufactured goods and to the induced activities. To date, agreements have been made with the U.S., France and Germany with many more in progress.


But in order for the goldsmith’s art and Made in Italy Jewelry to succeed in crossing national borders, a change in the communicational register is necessary. In this regard, we make the mix between tradition and innovation our strength, bringing new potential partners “inside our factories,” enhancing our workforce and the environment in which they work daily before the product itself, respecting all the criteria to date required of sustainability. To do this we use different strategies and channels, traditional but especially digital, that are allowing us to present ourselves to the world in all our value force.