Project area

Culture and legality

Without culture, there is no enterprise

Vice President: Egidio Chini

We want jewelry to become “out of place,” to return to being a widespread good and not an exclusive for the few. A step, ambitious and challenging, that can be made concrete through the support of the world of culture. A project, this one, that starts with some short-term actions. The first, the composition of original music, made to awaken enthusiasm, to arouse emotions, to tell the beauty of Italian Jewelry. In the Opera, the notes manage to describe the moods, the nuances of the experience being narrated, so as to lead the viewer inside the heart of the protagonist. And, as in a play, the original composition will involve and excite, becoming the background music of the most important events in the world of Italian goldsmithing and jewelry, as well as a symbol of excellence in the industry. The notes will transport the listener into the world of creativity, craftsmanship, and passion behind the making of individual pieces of jewelry, unique and unrepeatable works of art, designed and crafted by skilled Italian hands.

The second one sees, on the other hand, Italian jewelry literally enter the stage. The project is based on the centrality of experiences… Experiences that will be offered to the public as a result of the organization, during the main trade fair events in the world of Italian goldsmithing and jewelry, of Gala Concerts, where romances, arias, and opera scenes will be put in semi-staged form – by artists of national and international fame. Italian Jewelry will be the protagonist of these performances, worn by sopranos and opera singers of excellence. The project cannot ignore the training of talents who will carry on the production of quality jewelry and other young people who will look to the future strong in the concreteness of tradition, with the enthusiasm of those who accept the challenges of innovation.

Immagine di Gioielli

On the right side

Respect for legality is at the heart of the sector, which unfortunately has always been in the crosshairs of counterfeiting and other illegal activities. It is precisely our common idea of countering all those actions that can affect one of the main entrepreneurial fabrics, in our country but not only, that drives us to be necessarily vigilant and particularly attentive to this issue. Collaboration with the main institutions, sanctioned by memoranda of understanding, to date is indispensable – that is why we are activating more and more tables that can raise awareness but above all protect Italian companies in this regard. But the common commitment, which sees us operating as Federorafi at the national level, cannot disregard local actions, hence why the promotion and organization of conventions, meetings, and thematic tables remains indispensable and one of our priorities.