Project area

Innovation and Standardization


Vice President: Damiano Zito

As we look to the future of the profession to share what technology and new processing methods bring to Jewel design and fabrication, we are working on the birth of a Congress with the involvement and participation of leading Italian and European companies and organizations. Not only that. We are also involved in organizing and promoting informative seminars through which we periodically retrain professionals in the field. Participation in these meetings is open to everyone.


A team made up of laboratory managers from jewelry companies and/or analysis laboratories is responsible for overseeing the technical standards set for gold artifacts and jewelry. An international ISO table, at which experts from various nations sit, monitors and checks, therefore, the correct adherence to the market requirements of technical standards. A very delicate balance exists between demand and supply, with experts reviewing these standards every 5 years. But the table is also responsible for evaluating new proposals and/or refining existing ones.

Checks related to compliance with standards are not without costs: in fact, they require an investment in material and equipment for testing, as well as the involvement of various examining professionals and the travel to attend ISO meetings.